Eastern 4-H Environmental Education Conference Center
"...an exciting facility serving corporate and community groups as well as 4-H organizations across North Carolina, Virginia and neighboring states."
Phone: 252-797-4800
Cell Phone: none
100 N. Clover Way
Columbia, NC 27935
Edenton National Fish Hatchery
The Edenotn National Fish Hatchery is operated by the United States Fish and Wildlife Service, U.S. Department of the Interior. It is one of over 80 federal hatcheries located throughout the country and is dedicated to the preservation of America's fishing tradition. Visit the Fish Hatchery to see the aquariums and ponds filled with fish.
Contact: Stephen Jackson
Phone: 252-482-4118
Cell Phone: none
1102 West Queen Street
Edenton, NC 27932
North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources - Division of Coastal Management
As a part of the North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources, DCM works to protect, conserve and manage North Carolina's coastal resources through planning, permitting, education & research. Several programs that DCM is responsibe for include: permitting and enforcement; CAMA land-use planning; public beach and waterfront access; North Carolina Coastal Reserves; and grants for marine sewage pumping. Visit the website to learn more about DCM and how to contact a local office.
Cell Phone: none
North Carolina Waterfowl Association
This is your chance to become locally involved in conserving North Carolina's waterfowl legacy. The NCWA's main program is to develop waterfowl habitats on public and private lands throughout N.C. Other ongoing projects include efforts to restore the wintering mallard populations, the placement of wood duck nest boxes, and also an educational program to help the next generations learn about the importance of North Carolina's waterfowl heritage. The NCWA needs your help so JOIN TODAY!
Phone: 252-752-0273
Cell Phone: none
The Eastern Wildlife Center (EWC)
Located in Pitt County, EWC aims to provide medical care, husbandry and pre-release acclimation to injured, sick and orphaned wildlife. They cover an area from Rocky Mount to the Outer Banks and as far north as the Virginia state line. This servie is free of charge and is operated through the generosity of veterinarians, volunteers, small grants and donations.
Contact: Mark Ansley
Phone: 252-758-8719
Cell Phone: none
C/O 1641 Lum Buck Rd.
Greenvile, NC 27858